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Get In shape For Your Wedding

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Get in Shape for Your Wedding in 3 Easy Steps


Getting married? Want to look amazing on your big day? If so, make a few changes to your diet and exercise routine. Simple things, such as replacing white flour with flax meal and use stevia instead of sugar, can help you shed those extra pounds and look your best. Make time to exercise a few times a week and mix things up to keep your workouts challenging. Here are a few simple steps to get in shape for your wedding:

Cut Back on Carbs 

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. However, if you want to get leaner, limit your daily carb intake. Each gram of carbs holds three to four grams of water. By reducing your carb intake, you’ll lose excess water and look thinner. All you have to do is to replace grains and starches with leafy green vegetables, give up alcohol, and cut down on sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, make your own desserts using stevia, cinnamon, or other spices.  

Clean Up Your Diet

A healthy diet can help you lose weight, improve your skin’s appearance, and prevent acne breakouts. If you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, ditch the junk food, sugar, trans fats, and caffeine from your diet. Avoid ready-made dinners and other highly processed foods because they may cause allergies, fluid retention, and breakouts.  

Make Exercise a Habit  

Exercising once or twice a week won’t do much for your waistline. The only to lose weight and keep it off is to make exercise a habit. Aim for at least four weekly workouts, mix cardio with strength training, and keep trying new exercises. Shock your muscles by changing the number of reps and sets every week. Don’t be afraid to lift weights! Strength training will tone your muscles, increase metabolism, and turn your body into a fat burning machine.



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