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Fun and Unique Wedding Theme Ideas


One of the easiest ways to make your wedding even more memorable is to plan it around a number of unique wedding themes. There are popular wedding themes ideas such as a tropical wedding theme, a new butterfly wedding theme, a seasonal wedding theme, or even a new sunflower wedding theme. Once you’ve selected on the wedding theme of the choice, everything else should keep going and that would include mailing out invitations, decorating your wedding party venue, arranging for music, and food and the like. Besides selecting an interesting, distinctive theme, there are a lot of other things you could do to make your wedding even more special and fun. Below are some exciting wedding theme ideas that one could try:


  1. Prepare a wedding party candy buffet


A marriage symbolizes a whole new beginning in a couple’s journey of love. They are now bound by way of a commitment to care and result in each other in times of good – and bad. Arranging a wedding candy buffet is the best way to celebrate the marriage as it represents a life full of sweetness, bliss and harmony. The wedding ceremony candy buffet and the wedding party theme and colors must complement the other. There are many kinds, designs, and sizes of candies you are able to put in the container. To decorate a wedding candy buffet, you could use pillar candles, floral arrangements, and even display the couple’s childhood pics.


  1. Use bridal lanterns instead of bouquets


Decorative lanterns held by the bridesmaid and bridegroom during the wedding reception are amongst the best ideas you can attempt. Later, the lanterns can be given away as gifts. The lamps will brighten up the wedding venue and give a wonderful atmosphere, especially if the wedding is held at night. They might transform your wedding vows ceremony in a more beautiful and glamorous affair.


  1. Get your friends or family to bake that you customized wedding cake


You can ask your friends and family to bring some home-made pastries and baked products instead of buying wedding cakes which commonly cost more. They will be more than happy that may help you in this area. These families made offerings may be very nice and wonderful on your wedding reception. You can thank your family and friends for it by placing a personally written note inside the pastry box or basket. This is among the most excellent ways to help make your wedding even memorable.


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