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Take The Stress Out Of Your Wedding


Take The Stress Out Of Your Wedding!


Few days in a person’s life are as important to them as their wedding day. Brides dream of their weddings their entire lives. Every detail seems critical. Every moment is scrutinized and examined. It is little wonder that our wedding day is often the most stressful day of our lives. The stress of trying to create a dream wedding with mere humans can destroy our perfect daydream.


Here are a few tips to help you avoid and reduce stress and enjoy your wedding day.


1. Keep your eye on the prize. Look past the magazines filled with pictures of gowns and flower arrangements. Jump over the ever growing catalog of vendors to meet with. Shut out the questions in your mind of the difference between teal and turquoise. Somewhere near by you should see a person. This is the person you are going to make a public vow to love and honor in the presence of God and his mother! During the wedding planning set up a weekly date night that is a NO WEDDING zone. For a couple of hours a week, do not talk about arrangements, cakes, seating or his lack of interest. Just focus on being with this person that you love.


2. Decide what you need to trust to someone else and who you can depend on. The fact is you cannot do it all. With that said, be kind and grateful to your friends, family and bridal party. They are assisting you out of love. They do not owe you and you are not paying them. Be nice!


3. Emergency plan. If you have an outdoor wedding planned, have an emergency plan of what you can do if it rains. If the minister gets sick, have a back-up. Insist that your photographer, music director/D.J., and caterer do the same. Do not hire them unless they can tell you in advance who will step in for them if they have an emergency.


4. Cut the alcohol. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are part of the fun. But if you are planning them for the night before the wedding, stay away from the alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. It is like adding fuel to a fire for someone who is stressed. Also, nothing is worse than a hangover on your wedding day! If alcohol just has to be part of the festivities, do not have the party the day before the wedding.


5. Take it back a bit. You are going to be a beautiful bride and you will have a beautiful wedding. Be a little flexible. Maybe something will go wrong, but one day you will look back and laugh. Do not let little things take your focus off the big and beautiful things that are going right.


Relax, have fun and enjoy your wedding day!


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